Veteran Business Owners

VOB Sub Chapter

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Jared Anderson from Military Transition Base 

Phone 715.245.9659 ~ Email

  • Offer: Education, job support, financial planning, psychological assistance, veteran community, community projects
  • Ask: Introduction to my story.
    1. How can I help?
    2. Support
    3. Networking
    4. Gaining experience
  • Rage N Country for our Veterans 29 July 2017, Turn the night to Tacan 19 Nov 2017

Ron Jarvi from Rudy Luther Toyota

Cell 952.465.7191 ~ Email

  • Offer: $200 Discount on Auto purchase to Veteran & AUSA members. $100 Bird Dog for referrals
  • Ask: I am looking for anyone interested in a better or additional car for themselves or family.
  • Event: Future events to be announced.

Mitchelle E. Brew ~ Values based leadership

Cell 571.325.4740 ~ Email

Grady Hannah from NightWare

Cell 415.378.3789 ~ Email

  • App that helps those with PTSD. Takes participant out of nightmare without waking them insuring better sleep.

Dan Schultz from Schultz Business Solutions 

Cell 952.356.2646 ~ Email

  • Specializes in tax incentives for businesses. Part of a business, pay taxes? Let’s talk!

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