Polytrauma Holiday Party

10 December 2018 was the 12th Annual Polytrauma Unit Holiday Party hosting patients on the Polytrauma Ward of the VA Hospital. From 19 – 95 years old (including WWII Vet & POW survivor!), these Veterans and Service Members along with their families and staff enjoyed a Holiday party complete with gifts, Santa, treats, music and dancing. An additional $5,000 check was presented, to finance additional opportunities for the patients to reintegrate off campus where hospital financial resources are not available.

2019: The Vessey Chapter of AUSA sponsors this wonderful party for our wounded heroes & their visiting families staying at the Fisher Houses. The heroes represent ALL branches of the military & many are far away form their home states.

Each year we provide heroes with a gift bag given to them by Santa as he thanks them for their service to our country. We have been asked to provide 25 gift bags. Last year they included: DVD-CD player/Sony headphones; 2 movies DVDs; 2 music CDs; electronic solitary game, Andy Andrews book/audiobook CDs; bag; Tervis water battle; iTunes gift card; plant from Bachman’s; & a back pack to hold their gifts & belongs. Monies raised go to ongoing support of the Polytrauma patients needs through out the year.