What does a meeting look like?

These 30 min meetings will follow a Rules of Engagement (ROE), and will be designed for efficiency/time management. Below are some of the thoughts I am currently entertaining. I strongly believe that hosting events that provide added value to our clients (and just happen to serve the cause we care deeply about) is an excellent way to increase brand recognition, market penetration, and drive business.

Small Business Stand By Thoughts

11:30 – ROE Review/Burning Questions

  1. Fast-Paced, All-Business
  2. 3×5 Card With Round Robin Points
  3. Attach business card with paper clip
  4. Collect at End of Meeting and Post on Chapter Website
  5. Anything not on agenda gets thrown on “parking lot” and discussed at end, if there is time or after meeting
  6. Time enforced by clock (2min per speaker)
  7. We all thank you to take notes, extra time during round robin can be used to answer questions.
  8. Participation assumes consent. Communication is a two way street, and the answer of “No, thank you” will always be expected and respected.
  9. Any Burning Questions, before we begin?

11:35 – Non-Profit/Support Highlight

Bring in veteran focused non-profit teaming partner or support partner to talk (5min) about how their events/services/support, can help our small businesses. i.e. Fishing 4 Life, Scoops for Troops, Toys 4 Military Kids, BYTR, etc…

 11:40 – Round Robin (2 min per)


Hello. My name is Jon Smith, I was an Air Force Engineering guy, and now own my own practice as a lawyer.

1.    My team offers education, planning, and execution support to help individuals and small business to align their resources with their values, to help them reach  their goals.

2.     I would ask each of you to think of successful individuals who would benefit from hearing my story. I can meet them as a group, in an educational setting, like a lunch and learn, or as individuals. These meetings are laid-back, NOT product related, and only strive answer two questions:

1)  Can I help you? 2) Do you want my help?

3.     I am planning a “Carry the Fallen” Ruck March around Lake Elmo on 15 May, and a Peddle-Pub Bike Tour in June. Please contact me for more details.

? – 11:55 – 1-on-1 Networking/Wrap Up

 12:00 – Chapter Meeting